• Smooth hairless skin
  • No stubbly regrowth
  • After time the hairs grow back less and less
  • Cheap and effective
  • Quick
  • Removes dead skin cells leaving skin fresh, clear and exfoliated

Waxing Options

  • Half Leg
  • Full Leg
  • Eye Brows
  • Top Lipts
  • Chest and Back
  • Bikini
  • Under arms
  • Face
  • Fore Arms


  • How long does the hair need to be?
    Long enough to grip with the finger tips
  • How long does it last?
    After the initial 3 waxes 6-8 weeks
  • Does it hurt?
    This varies from person to person but it is very very quick and feels more like a sting…after a the first wax (provided waxing is kept up) it is never as painful and gets less and less each time
  • Will it encourage more hairs to grow back?
    Generally speaking no and the hair growth will become less and less as the hair follicles weaken


Half Leg

Full Leg

Full leg and bikini

from £10.00

Brazilian / Hollywood
from £20.00

Eye Brows
from £7.50

Top Lips

Chest or Back
from £15.00

Chest and Back
from £25.00

Under Arms

Fore Arms