Semi Permanent Makeup

Beautifully Balanced are now pleased to offer semi permanent make up, an amazing treatment to enhance your looks and keep you looking your best at all times.

Our technician Fiona Richards has trained with Brigitte Grohn who with 25 years experience in this field has passed on all the latest techniques and styles of semi permanent make up which are becoming more and more popular with women of all ages.

Semi permanent makeup is a process very similar to tattooing whereby natural pigments are infused into the dermal layer of the skin creating a shadow of colour which mimics the appearance of makeup and can enhance your natural features.

Unlike normal tattooing the pigments are not placed so deeply into the skin and are designed to fade with time, this is because as we age and fashion trends change we have the option to change the colour or shape of our micro pigmentation.

Men and women of any age can benefit from this procedure; eyebrows, eyelash enhancement, eyeliner and lip liner can be implanted into the skin. We can adapt the colour and shape to suit your taste going for a natural or more made up look.

If you’ve got uneven or sparse eyebrows these can be filled in and evened out. Brows can be made darker, thicker and more prominent, lips can be made to look fuller, more defined or a full colour blush can be applied through out the lips to enhance the colour which tends to fade with age.

Eyelash enhancement is a fine line along the lash line which subtly increases the look of the lashes and looks very natural whereas the eye liner is applied more thickly to create more drama.

People who are overly sensitive and may react to cosmetics would really benefit from these procedures.

About the procedure

Prior to the procedure Emla cream is applied to the area, this will numb the surface of the skin and will minimise the discomfort felt. Whether it hurts does tend to vary from person to person and some areas are just more sensitive than others.

Fiona will then discuss the shape and colour of the pigments to be used and this will then be pencilled onto your skin until you are happy with the look, then the procedure will begin.

Generally the procedure will take approximately an hour and a half and you will need to return after 4 weeks to have a touch up, this 2nd appointment will take about 45 minutes and will be included with your first initial payment.

There will be some redness and swelling to the skin and it will feel a little tender for a day or so, during this time it is best to keep the area dry and Vaseline applied which helps protect and heal the area.

After a couple of days the area may crust over slightly as the skin heals but this will only last a short time, healing normally takes 4-10 days depending on the person and the area treated.

Initially the pigments will appear darker than you want them but within a few days they will lighten up to the colour chosen.

You can expect it to last a number of years gradually fading. Exposure to the sun will affect the lifespan of the pigments causing them to fade much faster. Get topped up when you want to restore the depth of colour.



Eyeliner top or bottom
£200 or both for £350

Lip liner

Beauty spot
£70 or £40 when accompanied with another area refresh from £200

Eyelash enhancement

Above prices include the top up after4 weeks