Massage is one of the oldest healing arts and dates back at least 3000 years, the benefits of which are varied and far reaching. Often underrated massage is excellent for treating and/or alleviating symptoms from all of the following:

Backache, neck ache, arthritis, poor circulation, weak immune system, loosen tight muscles, strengthen weakened or atrophied muscles, improve the largest organ of the body (the skin), promote tissue regeneration, reduce swelling, spasms and cramping and aid recovery after strenuous work or training.

So basically massage will stimulate the blood flow through the body, pumping the fresh nutrient and oxygen rich blood into the soft tissues of the body. At the same time clearing those cells of toxins, waste and breaking down knots and strings that may have formed in the muscles possibly through work, exercise, bad posture or just day to day living.

Getting a massage can do you the world of good especially on a regular basis, keeping you youthful and pain free - a very necessary piece of your health and wellness plan.

There are many different types and styles of massage and here at beautifully balanced we offer 2 types; remedial and de-stressing/relaxing.

Remedial - recommended to treat any problem areas, can be painful as it works very deeply into the tissues.

De-stress/relaxing - as it sounds a more gentle massage which will make you feel wonderfully loose and totally refreshed afterwards.


1 hour massage

30 minute massage

PRICES are the same which ever massage you need.