Body Treatments

Soothe, replenish and treat yourself or a loved one to one of our luxury body experiences.

Here at Beautifully Balanced we use the Moor Spa range for all our treatments. It is a natural, paraben free product range and its main ingredient is the Moor water which is packed with a wealth of Herbs, Minerals, Vitamins and other vital substances. A powerful, gentle but effective beauty range at an affordable price.

We offer a selection of beautiful body treatments which can be enjoyed on their own or added onto another treatment (when more than one treatment discount will be given).

Exfoliating Salt Scrub

A blend of Moor Spa Quenching Oil and the Salt Scrub is gently smoothed onto the skin, starting at the feet and working upwards, concentrating on problem areas of hard skin such as the elbows and knees. The salt will then be showered off using Moor Spa Energising Shower Gel.

You may then wish to follow with any one or combination of:

Body Polish

After your shower, again starting at the feet working upwards using the beautiful Moor Spa Cleansing Bar with Lavender your skin with be polished. This beautiful soap is deeply moisturising. You will feel clean, fresh and great, your skin will be left smooth and silky.


The skin now deeply cleansed is very receptive, so as well as the benefits of massage (see massage page) the ingredients used are very important. So again the Moor Spa Quenching Oil is used, this time blended with Essential Oils which are of great benefit to the skin and will be quickly absorbed.

The skin will be beautifully soft, silky and nourished, the stresses and tension of life dissolved away by the warm, soft therapists hands.

A regenerating escape from the hectic world.

Body Mask

To benefit fully it’s best after a Salt Scrub.

Again, a Moor Spa product, this full body mask opens pores and enables skin to breathe reducing impurities held by the surface. It is suitable for all skin types, male or female, and is ideal for those with problems such as Psoriasis, Eczema and Acne as it penetrates the skin entering the blood stream.

It will also aid slimming by breaking down the fatty tissue and dramatically reducing cellulite. The Body Mask is applied all over, you will then be covered in cling film plus a warm towel and left to relax for 40 mins. Next simply shower off the mask and reveal skin feeling wonderfully vibrant.

Helping you de-stress and detoxify your mind and body.

Body Wraps

Moor Spa White Chocolate Body Wrap

This is highly recommended for any onewho has a problem with dry skin. The wrap has a wonderful aroma and contains moisturising ingredients which leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.

Again after a Salt Scrub you will be covered in this lovely aromatic product and left to relax for 40 mins whilst the Nutrient rich ingredients do there magic. A Shower and a gentle dry off will finish the treatment.

You may wish to enjoy a Facial whilst the Body Wrap is taking effect.

Moor Spa Algae And Seaweed Body Wrap

Those of you who wish to loose weight and /or detox would benefit from one of these wraps. More of a delicate aroma this time, it contains ingredients with detoxifying and slimming effects.

The active ingredients are pushed deep into the skin - firming and contouring the body. Again after a Salt Scrub the Algae and Seaweed treatment is applied all over and you can relax whilst it works for about 45 minutes - you might prefer to enjoy a facial during this resting period.

A shower and gentle dry off will complete your treatment.


Exfoliating Salt Scrub (when added to any other treatment)

Full Body Massage

Just Legs or Back/Neck

Full Body wrap

Luxury salt Body scrub